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Esmond Pat, Window Expert & Founder of JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong (香港優質鋁窗公司) 創辦人兼鋁窗專家

Expert’s Note

The frequency, intensity and number of typhoons have been increasing every year for a number of years.


Destructive typhoons are infamously known for bringing down countless windows dating back decades ago, up to the latest, Mangkhut, in 2018. I dare say it is absolutely fundamental and necessary for everyone, especially in Hong Kong, to understand the importance of installing a set of quality aluminium windows system  .


Our duty is to assist the architect and end-user in creating a first layer of protection that will safeguard their cosy home or masterful architecture reliably. Windows can also become a form of art or a mood setter to imbue your space with the desirable texture and atmosphere.”

– Esmond Pat, Window Expert & Founder of JS

Aluminium Windows Hong Kong

Why us

Why us

香港優質鋁窗公司JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong

European Window

We carry a wide range of reputable brands from across European countries including Germany, Belgium, Spain and more, which ensures the world’s most premium quality. A sophisticated structure combined with the latest technology, the advanced usage of materials and seamless mounting, empowers our aluminium windows to become multi-functional, it has the ability to withstand harsh weather, and most importantly, the outlook is immaculate.

玻璃幕牆-香港優質鋁窗公司JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong

System, Standard

All our products belongs to a standardised system. The proprietary window system with a standard module and complex installation procedure assures minimal depreciation and need for maintenance. Advanced window profiles allow water to drain out systematically, equalize the pressure and thus prevent ingress of water into the windows. To learn more, consult our professionals now!

香港優質鋁窗公司JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong


JS understands that finding the ideal window call for specific tailor-made details such as slim profiles, or noise cancellation, and even thermal insulation. Our obligation is to assist designers and architects by turning their aspirations into reality. Guiding them through the planning, construction and execution processes, whilst providing innovative and customised solutions to fulfil their challenging requirements.

香港優質鋁窗公司JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong

Expertise, Craftsmanship

Our comprehensive professional team will maintain close communication and transparency over the project throughout the whole process to ensure the final product will be aligned with your expectations. Moreover, all of our technicians and on-site workers are ISO-certified and professionally trained to provide quality service that meets your needs.

High Quality Aluminium Windows From Design To Install

JS Aluminium Window is a window distributor and installation service firm based in Hong Kong. Its parent company – Joystar, founded in 2008, has been well established in the construction and building industry for over a decade. JS is devoted to deliver quality aluminium windows in Hong Kong.


Entitled by the concrete experience and an innate aesthetic flair, Esmond Pat, the founder of Joystar then established JS Aluminium Window in 2013, specialising in highly innovative, bespoke aluminium window solutions for residential and commercial projects in different scales, aspiring to introduce a wide range of premium quality European windows that go beyond the fenestration industry’s status quo and pioneer a better lifestyle beyond dimensions, and become the top aluminium window company in Hong Kong.

Bespoke European Window System

Our philosophy is to create a balance between aesthetics and practicality for every project.

Having looked all around Europe, we have found the best European windows suppliers whose high quality bespoke aluminium windows are suitable for our, at times extreme, weather conditions.

The Belgium brand – Aliplast, is one of the leading international suppliers  for high quality windows, and thus,  in 2017 JS became their sole distributor in Hong Kong for high quality bespoke aluminium windows.

Our challenges begin upon closure of projects

From drafting to installation and maintenance, each stage of the project is value-adding along with the masterful craftsmanship, construction skills and with flawless execution, serving the architect, interior designer and end-users with professions that accredit JS Aluminium Window to be the most trusted partner. We are one of the top aluminium windows companies in Hong Kong, and we strike to be the best supplier for quality windows.

Service Flow

Service Flow
香港優質鋁窗公司JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong

1) Site Inspection by Foreman

A comprehensive and thorough inspection is the fundamental of all high-quality projects. At the initial stages of every project, our experienced in-house technician will carefully evaluate the site, taking every corner into consideration in order to provide a draft structure shop drawing and a solution proposal.

鋁門窗專家 - 專業鋁窗安裝ISO認證 Professional installation certified by ISO - JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong

2) Detailed Shop Drawing by Structural Designer

Structural designers will provide precisive drafts and professional advice for the most ideal fenestration, allowing you to visualize and foresee the possible challenges and constraints that we will help you to overcome.

香港優質鋁窗公司JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong

3) Transparent project execution with Project Manager

Throughout the whole process, our team will maintain close communication and transparency over the project to ensure the final product will be aligned with your expectations.

JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong 高級歐洲鋁窗代理

4) Masterful installation by Professionals

With our masterfully skilled, ISO-certified mounting technicians, they will ensure your high-quality window to be installed to perfection with flawless execution.

JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong 高級歐洲鋁窗代理

5) Attentive aftersales care by Customer Service

Our products are of exceptional quality, therefore, the need for maintenance is minimal. However, should any questions or problems arise, you can be assured it will be solved with only a call.

Customized Solutions with Attentive Services

Our team will make your requests our priority, meanwhile sharing innovative and insightful ideas to assist you in finding the right product with customised solutions that meet your needs without sacrificing the balance between aesthetics, functionality and practicality.

Professionalism personified

In an industry that is complex and requires significant professionalism and competence for most key positions, our experience and expertise are invaluable and irreplaceable. All of our team members are distinguished professionals in their own specific field, and will work side-by side to assist designers, architects and end-users by turning their aspirations into reality.

Realizing Your Masterpiece by Perfect Window Arrangement

Attention to detail and the relentless pursuit of precision and perfection are the persistence and integrity we uphold for every project. On top of that, our rich-experienced personnel has the ability to execute a project with strong communication, maximum efficiency, and the foresight to prevent potential roadblocks, all whilst bringing together a team of industry professionals to meet our client’s needs and expectations.