5 Expert Tips On Selecting The Best Windows For Your Home

Home Journal Feature: 5 Expert Tips On Selecting The Best Windows For Your Home

Expert Tips On Selecting The Best Windows For Your Home


With over a decade of experience in the industry and having introduced a wealth of top-tier European brands and offerings to the market, who better to ask than the experts at JS Aluminium Window on choosing the perfect window for your home? Here are the top things to consider according to them.

1. Harmonise With Your Home’s Environment

Instead of just focusing on how much a product costs, you need to find a suitable window that blends seamlessly into the interior design and architecture of your home environment, no matter if it’s classic, modern, contemporary or minimalist. Thin window and door profile, for instance, is ideal for highlighting the unimpeded outdoor view. On practicality, well-chosen windows should be able to emit the right amount of sunlight and airflow. Balancing between practicality and aesthetics is key to choosing the perfect window.

JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong 香港優質鋁窗公司

JS Aluminium Window’s wide collection from reputable brands across European countries – including Germany, Belgium and Italy – can imbue your abode with natural light and sophisticated beauty. Originating from Italy, the brand Secco emphasises personality and is available in an arresting array of materials to carve your own style. Meanwhile, Cero and Solarlux boasts chic contemporary designs. Made in Germany, it specialises in bi-folding, sliding windows and doors that elevate the quality of your living environment. And if you prefer a timeless design, Aliplast provides all the possibilities to suit your design aesthetically and functionally.

2. Look Beyond Just Colour


Selecting the colour for your window frame can be a painstaking process. The experts at JS Aluminium advise thinking beyond colour in furnishing your windows. In fact, a bewildering array of window frame materials and textures are available to match your house’s design. Take the Italian brand Secco, which offers brass and stainless steel windows. Alternatively, rethink your next project with Corten’s sleek steel window. These stylish options offer so much more than what colour can do to spruce up your interiors.

3. Think About The Main Function


Windows nowadays are often equipped with plenty of features such as soundproofing, thermal control, wind load resistance and burglary protection. Whether your street-fronting window needs strong sound insulation, or your west-facing window requires heat insulation, customer can always find something that suits their needs. That said, the expert at JS Aluminium Window points to the importance of purchasing windows from reliable and professional sources, those that has rigorously lab-tested the window functions.

4. Customise Your Window


With so many options for personalisation as well as custom shapes and sizes, you can design windows that perfectly match your home, highlighting surrounding features or giving unparalleled convenience. Tilt and turn window, for example, is a creative design. The experts at JS Aluminium Window always be able to recommend tailor-made window solution best fit for your daily use.

5. Don’t Underestimate The Installation Process


Many aluminium windows today are still being installed by workers without professional training and with traditional glass glue, which often leads to uneven waterproofing performances. That is why it is crucial to select truly well-designed and ISO certified professional team for delivering high performance and durable products.

JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong 香港優質鋁窗公司 - Aluminium window typology - Rotating window不同鋁窗款式旋轉窗

JS Aluminium Window’s products are uniformly installed using their proprietary aluminium window system that harnesses cutting-edge technology, such as providing a pressure-equalising environment for the windows as well as the usage of gaskets that give consistent and neat finishes. These all lead to a highly professional and standardised installation process resulting in superb-quality products. From design to structural calculation, installation to maintenance, each stage is carefully plotted out to ensure a hassle-free experience.


Birthed in 2013 out of founder Esmond Pat’s discovery of the mediocre windows then populating Hong Kong’s homes, JS Aluminium Window has since then grown to become synonymous with exceptional quality windows in the local design scene. The high-quality European window solutions are favoured among architects, interior designers and end-users. Not only do the windows look stylish and contemporary, state-of-the-art technology and materials have also gone into ensuring they will function for generations to come.

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