Magazine: Home Journal - JS WINDOW

Magazine: Home Journal

JS Window on Home Journal 美好家居的門窗報道

Home Journal talks about the important factors to look into in order to keep our home safe and in healthy condition. It is the outmost concern for families with pets and kids apart from its design.


1. To yield more Vitamin D form the sun by putting up a sun-shading screen.
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2. Maintain a reasonable air flow indoor with the insects stay out.
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3. Keep all the power plugs covered, as kids are usually tempted to tug their little fingers in all forms of holes

4. A set of high performance window and door system at least, as the first layer of home safety protection
(recommending – window and door proprietary system)

5. Install typhoon-proof shutter that allows you to be relax during the roaring monsoon weather.
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