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Phantom Screens

Let the fresh air in and keep the pesky bugs out! Phantom insect screen hong kong, whether manual or motorized, can fit perfectly with any type of design concept, whether it be a window, door, patio, or tent, to be free from insects and provide a shade of privacy. When unused, the insect screen can be retracted and hidden completely out of sight. When needed, it can be pulled out within seconds or from a press of a button.

Phantom Screens Hong Kong application possibilities

Get your Phantom insect screen Hong Kong installed now. Simply give us a call or message and keep the bugs out of your home without worrying ever again!


Phantom Screens motorized insect screen

The innovative retractable screen covers sizeable doorways and openings. It flexibly fits all types of door systems. It remains out of sight until you need them.

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Never underestimate the importance of ventilation and air circulation as they directly affect your family’s health condition. With the Phantom Screens from Canada, you don’t need to compromise the safety of your children and pets!