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Windproof Rolling Shutter

Windproof Rolling Shutter

Windproof rolling shutters can provide complete and comprehensive protection for your living space, so you can feel at ease during the harshest weather conditions during storms and the typhoon season in Hong Kong. We offer a curation of leading European windproof rolling shutters manufacturers and offer a complete range of installation and engineering services for residential and commercial clients. Our team of professional consultants collaborate with installation specialists to strike a balance between function, practicality, and design. Customise your windproof roller gate and shutters according to your site conditions and requirements. For sizes and price quotations, feel free to contact our team today.

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The benefits of installing wind-proof rolling shutters and gates in Hong Kong

Although premium double-glazed windows can withstand strong winds, they may not be able to withstand the strong impact of hard objects under strong winds during typhoon season in Hong Kong. The size of regular wind-proof rolling shutters on the market is much smaller and takes up less space than the old-style wind-proof rolling shutters. Therefore, many people living in Hong Kong gravitate towards installing wind-proof rolling shutters and gates on their front doors and windows to provide a reinforced protective layer for their glass windows and doors. In addition to being wind-proof and anti-impact, wind-proof rolling shutters are extremely difficult to forcibly open, providing an additional layer of security and lead time to contact emergency services. Moreover, the wind-proof rolling shutters made from aluminium alloy have the advantage of reflecting sunlight. When the rolling shutters are completely closed, an insulating air cushion can be formed, effectively providing noise and temperature insulation properties.
JS Window - Windproof Rolling Shutter 防風捲閘

Tips on how to use windproof shutters after installation

Once your wind-proof rolling shutters are installed, they must be used correctly in order to achieve the best results. When using the wind-proof rolling shutters or gates, avoid repeatedly opening and closing them in a short period of time, otherwise it may cause the system to overheat and stop functioning. If you encounter this situation, stop using the roller shutter immediately, and wait 10 minutes until the temperature of the system cools down to a safe level before restarting. Moreover, in order to adapt to the popularisation of smart home equipment, some wind-proof rolling shutters are designed to work in synergy with smart home systems to make day-to-day operations of the rolling shutters more convenient.

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