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Aliplast Aluminium System, founded in 1984, Belgium, one of the leading brands on the international market for developing and producing stylish, modern, quality-assured aluminium proprietary windows, doors, conservatories, sliding systems and curtain façades.

Why Aliplast?

Aliplast proprietary window and door systems are beyond dimension.

Aliplast’s aluminium windows and profiles are elegant, narrow and have a slimline appearance, making it ideal for various modernized homes or buildings

We have an extensive range of colour options for endless customization combinations because we believe it is important to realize a unique product tailored for your home

The powder coating of aluminium ensures that your windows can withstand the toughest wind conditions. Also available in different textures and structures!

The raw material for aluminium – Bauxite, is available in large quantities and aluminium is completely recyclable.

We can ensure the maximum control of our quality processes

Aluminium is known as a lightweight material, only a third of the weight of steel, yet as durable. It has become popular in outdoor products as it’s corrosion resistant, sound, shock resistant, and non-toxic

Due to the increasing demand for fire resistant windows, we have developed fireproof versions of many different models

Enhance the look of your home by selecting the right windows. Discover the different styles within Alipast’s range of products and find the one that suits you most!

Powder-coated aluminium are of exceptional durability as it does not get discoloured by the sun, it is rust proof and doesn’t crack or become brittle.

Proprietary Window Hong Kong application possibilities

We are Aliplast Hong Kong’s official sole distributor