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Aluminium Windows

Based in Hong Kong, JS Aluminium Window is a project consultant, distributor and installation service provider for quality and bespoke windows from Europe. We feature a wide range of reputable brands from Germany, Belgium, Spain and more.


Our team of professional project consultants only import brands that offer the highest quality aluminium windows on the market. Moreover, our experienced team collaborates with architects, designers, and glaziers to design aluminium windows that are built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions in Hong Kong.


As one of the premier aluminium window companies in Hong Kong, we pride ourselves by being a part of every step of the process. From consulting to execution, our dedicated team will deliver an unrivalled experience.


Our team of professional consultants and glaziers approach each project with meticulous detail, working to combine aesthetics and functionality to deliver exceptional quality aluminium windows that will last a lifetime.

Aluminium window typology

Aliplast Hong Kong香港獨家分銷商 - JS Aluminium Window - 歐洲高級鋁門窗

Fixed window

A fixed window is a window that cannot be opened. The glass is directly fixed on the window frame, and does not need to be installed with hinges. Due to its fixed nature and simple structural design requirements, fixed windows are especially suitable for making large landscape windows and skylights.
鋁門窗專業安裝工程 – 鋁窗防漏水、防滲水,歐洲設計智能排水系統 European designed Aluminium Window and Door with water drainage system, prevent water leakage.

Swing window

Swing windows are the most common casement style of aluminium windows, and are divided into two designs: outward opening and inward opening. Outward-opening swing windows are pushed outwards, so they will not occupy indoor space. Inward-opening swing windows are pulled inward inside the room, which can make it easier for cleaning.

Horizontal sliding window

Like a sliding door, the horizontal sliding window is a window style in which the frame is installed on a rail to be pulled horizontally to slide past each other. The horizontal sliding window can be made with large glass pieces and a streamlined window frame as thin as 30mm. Ideal for spaces that welcome large amounts of natural light and ventilation, horizontal windows are especially suitable for use in spaces that connect outdoor spaces, such as a balcony.

Tilt and turn window

Tilt and turn window is a combination of swing-in and bottom-hung windows. Bottom-hung windows have an operable sash and bottom-mounted hinges where the sash meets the frame.
Generally, bottom-hung windows can only be opened as wide as 10cm. Ideal for enhancing ventilation in a room, bottom-hung windows designed with frosted glass can provide privacy, making it suitable for bathrooms or any space where discretion or privacy is desired. Also, windows cleaning became very handy when it’s opened as a swing-in window.
JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong 香港優質鋁窗公司 – Aliplast - Bowen Mansion 寶雲大廈

Top-hung window

Similar to casement windows, top-hung windows open out from the bottom, with the hinge on the outer frame’s top. Top-hung windows can open as far as 10cm, making them ideal for preventing rainwater from seeping into the room on rainy days. This kind of window style is excellent with larger fixed windows on high-rise buildings or spaces.
JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong 香港優質鋁窗公司 - Aluminium window typology - Rotating window不同鋁窗款式旋轉窗

Rotating window

A rotating window (pivot window) is a window style with pivot bolts installed at the left and right or upper and lower window frames as the rotating shaft. Rotating windows are easier to clean due to their dexterity. Additionally, rotating windows have a stylish and simple design, making them especially suitable for rooms facing outdoor spaces or entrances of buildings.

Folding window

Consisting of several panels whose frames are hinged to one another, folding windows are installed on a track, which allows you to push and fold all the window panels to one side. Folding windows are great for creating a bigger space, since they have the ability to divide or connect two rooms together.

Tips for selecting aluminium windows

When choosing which types of aluminium windows to use in your space, many people would focus on style and design. However, the overall composition of the window – the window materials and hardware accessories – are also important aspects to consider. The indicators of good aluminium windows include heat insulation, sound insulation, water-resistance and, airtightness. All of these indicators must be based on test reports to be reliable.

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