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Alulux roller shutter Hong Kong offers a range of high-quality aluminium roller shutters, wind proof shutters and customized solutions that provide thermal, theft, privacy, and noise protection. The quality standard guarantees exceptional reliability and all-around protection for you and your home.

Complete control

玻璃鋁窗趟門款式 – 訂造 – Cero Sliding Door Hong Kong

Smooth, quiet and easy to operate, Alulux roller shutters have great flexibility when it comes to control options, since convenience is the first priority. The radio-remote option gives you all the functions in the palm of your hand and without having to walk a single step. The programmable timer function enables you to schedule your operation in advance – even when you’re outside.

Aluminium material

電動防風捲閘 – motorized Alulux Hong Kong roller shutter

Aluminium is an eco-friendly and versatile metal with numerous advantages. Known as a lightweight material, it’s only a third of the weight of steel, yet it’s as durable. Moreover, aluminium has become popular in outdoor products as it’s corrosion resistant, sound and shock resistant, non-toxic, and can reflect up to 95% sunlight.

All-around protection

訂造歐洲高級鋁窗玻璃趟門款式Customised European Premium Aluminium Window and sliding door

Alulux roller wind proof shutters allow you to experience an extra sense of security as they offer a complete protection. Motorized elements can prevent the roller shutter from being forced open and make it a nightmare for burglars attempting to break-in. What’s more is closed shutters create an insulating air cushion, which allows increased thermal insulation by 45%, and reduces noise levels by up to 10 decibels.



Windproof Rolling Shutter 防風捲閘-Alulux -HongKong

Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, the Qompact® roller shutters have exceptional performance against intruders and severe weather. The sleek and stylish roller shutter box is also relatively smaller in comparison to many other standard boxes, thus saving a ton of space.


Windproof Rolling Shutter 防風捲閘-Alulux -HongKong

With a remarkable level of transparency and ventilation when open, the s_onro® daylight roller shutter can also provide protection from the sun, unwanted light and spying eyes when closed. One of the unique features of s_onro® is the specially designed profile geometry, where it can block out sunlight from directly entering the room if the elevation angle of sun exceeds 23°, but at the same time maintain a high-level of visibility form the inside looking out.

Alulux roller shutter Hong Kong application possibilities


A team of firemen vs. Alulux’s Qompact Roller Shutters, who will win?

Alulux’s Qompact roller shutters provides a comprehensive security system that shields your home from extreme weather, storms and break-ins.
Qompact can improve thermal insulation up to 45%, thus lowering energy consumption and bills. Stylish shutter box of only 18 x 18 cm, relatively smaller in comparison to other standard boxes, thus saving a ton of space.