Partner Brands - JS WINDOW


The Proprietary System

Proprietary windows are the safest, most durable and well-designed windows system with a standard module and complex installation procedure, which will be perfectly executed by our professionally-trained experts.


The specialized gaskets we use can provide high durability to the windows, and when installed correctly, not only does it help to seal up the window, but also locks the glass in a fixed position, preventing any water leakages as well as reducing noise pollution.

Affordable Luxury with Extraordinary Design

We carry a wide range of reputable brands across European countries including Germany, Belgium, Spain and more, which ensures the world’s most premium quality.


A sophisticated structure combined with the latest technology, the advanced usage of materials and seamless mounting, empowers our windows to become multi-functional, with intelligent water drainage systems, thermal control and anti-theft, plus, it has the ability to withstand to harsh weather, but most importantly, the finish will be exquisite, elegant and immaculate.

Obsessive Pursuit of Precisive Perfection

Attention to detail and a high level of accuracy are the standards we uphold for every product and project. From our meticulously fine window profiles to the comforting grip of a handle, each and every detail is precisely what transforms an innovative idea from vision into reality. Our attentive focus do not end solely on products, but our complete client value chain as well, from consultation to execution and troubleshooting, we vow to meet the high standards of our clients, making huge differences from tiny details.