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Sliding Glass Door

Sliding Glass Door

An ideal solution for when limited space is a concern, sliding glass doors can seamlessly connect two spaces into one, making them a practical yet stylish interior design choice for most households in Hong Kong. In order to fulfil the need of premium quality sliding glass doors in Hong Kong, JS Aluminium Window has consciously imported premium sliding glass doors from Europe that are functional yet stylish. No matter the style or the price point of the sliding glass doors, JS Aluminium Window will provide you with beautiful and functional glass sliding doors that will elevate your interiors in Hong Kong.

Glass sliding door frame materials

Featuring an impressive array of glass sliding door styles as well as a wide range of premium door frame materials, such as aluminium and wooden frames and other precious metals, we can create bespoke sliding glass door frames that suitable for outdoor usage made with galvanized steel, stainless steel, weathering steel, and brass to infuse your space in Hong Kong with style and contemporary elegance. Being able to choose the materials that fit your design aesthetic will not only make the finished product more pleasing but you can also ensure that the sliding glass doors are made from premium and durable materials that will stand the test of time, and the humidity in Hong Kong.

Different sliding glass door styles

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Bypass door

A bypass door is a type of sliding door with rails on the top and bottom. These kinds of sliding doors have fixed panels that are hung adjacently to each other, with tracks placed both above and below the frame of the door. Generally effortlessly easy to use, bypass doors are commonly used for closet doors or even as a way to separate two living spaces for privacy. Additionally, if the rail is made out of a waterproof material, bypass doors are perfect for balconies.
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Barn Doors

JS specialises in outdoor high performance system but there is a common type of door that we would like to mention for your knowledge. Barn doors feature an upper track and a bottom groove for you to fit the door into. Stylishly rustic, barn doors are aesthetically pleasing and functional since you can effortlessly slide them one side to the other along the track. Since modern barn doors are generally silent, and have little to no waterproof and sound insulation functions. Not great for outdoor usage but ideal for indoor spaces.
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Lift slide door

Allowing seamless opening and closing operation, lift slide doors offer unparalleled maneuverability. And since the track is flush you get an unencumbered view with many different door styles, no matter your taste. Moreover, since lift slide doors have optimum sealing, they are the most energy saving doors available on the market. You won’t find heat or cool air escaping when you have a lift sliding door installed in your living space.

Tips for choosing glass sliding doors

No matter which sliding door you decide to choose, keep in mind that they have to be fixed between the ground and ceiling. Therefore, before designing your living space, we recommend that you seek out a professional construction company for an on-site assessment and a floor plan draft to ensure that the material and load-bearing capacity of the ground and ceiling meet the specifications, so that your ideal glass sliding door can be installed safely for optimal durability and longevity.

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