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Secco Sistemi

Originating from Italy, Secco Sistemi is a top-tier brand producing integrated system for doors, windows and façades available in different materials like stainless steel, galvanized steel, brass or even corten. At the core, as Secco window Hong Kong official distributor, we strongly focuses on the ethical sustainability balancing between environmental, safety and quality, in which, all of their products are fundamentally naturally longer lasting and eco-friendly.

The latest Magnetic Levitation technology

A patent Italian technology effortlessly flows a high performance lift-and-slide door – Zero Gravity series (0G)

The latest Magnetic Levitation technology
  • 1kg strength to manage up to 600kg door
  • Non-electric system
  • Safe sash restraint even in the event of misuse
  • Remain operational event in the event of flooding
  • Same performance of traditional Lift-and-slide systems
  • Functioning for life time
  • No negative effect to electronic device
  • Keep running rail free of dirt, no lubrication needed
  • Precious material available


The selection of metals used by Secco Sistemi are of superb quality and have to fulfil certain characteristics: natural, integral and safe. Apart from being known for their structural resilience and durability over time, these materials require low maintenance, and are also recyclable and re-usable, such as the brass window

Galvanized Steel

JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong 香港優質鋁窗公司 – Secco - Hong Kong official distributor 香港官方代理

The usage of galvanized steel can also provide lightness and transparency, thus elevating the brightness of an interior. Additionally, because of the physical and technical properties of galvanized steel, it is very suitable for producing thin yet strong and high-performing window profiles.

Corten Steel

JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong 香港優質鋁窗公司 – Secco - Hong Kong official distributor 香港官方代理

Secco Sistemi are the first to use corten steel in the production of elegant and high-performing profiles. In fact, the corrosion resistance of corten steel is 6-8 times higher than traditional steels, thus allows high-performing fixtures of large dimensions and weight while maintaining the thinness of the sections to be possible.

Stainless Steel

JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong 香港優質鋁窗公司 – Secco - Hong Kong official distributor 香港官方代理

The usage of stainless steel can provide lightness and transparency to considerably elevate the luminosity of an interior. It is a superb metal alloy that do not rust even when exposed to harsh weather conditions, stainless steel, is also incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion.


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Whether patinated or satined, brass window Hong Kong application is totally feasible and capable of refurbishing architectures into an antique and luxurious expression. This metal alloy is environmentally friendly and yet has strong weather resistant properties, also adding a personalized tint and uniqueness that takes on a new complexion over time, however, this natural oxidization is also acts as a layer of self-protection.

Secco Hong Kong application possibilities

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