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Mosquito Net Installation in Hong Kong

Mosquito Net Installation in Hong Kong

Installing mosquito nets on windows serve a multitude of purposes, including preventing insects and mosquitos, maintaining air circulation, and providing subtle shading abilities. JS Aluminium Window sources leading European mosquito net manufacturing companies to deliver customised insect netting and screen equipment. Our team of experienced window design specialists works with our manufacturers to create your ideal mosquito net based on your price, function, and site requirements.

The benefits of installing mosquito nets

Although mosquito bites are distressing, mosquito-borne diseases are even more worrying, especially in subtropical areas like Hong Kong. Installing mosquito nets on window grills can not only solve the problem of mosquitoes entering the house, but also acts as a way of child-proofing your windows. This is an important aspect to note for families with children who may play near the windowsill and helps give parents a peace of mind. Those with pets such as dogs, cats and birds can also benefit from installing insect nets on window grills.

Because the mosquito net is made from a high tolerance material, installing them prevent pets from accidentally falling off the building as well as maintain indoor air circulation, which can greatly improve pets’ physical and mental health. In addition to their ventilation properties, some types of mosquito nets have shading functions, which can lower the indoor temperature and reduce the use of air-conditioners.

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Roll-up mosquito screen

The roll-up retractable mosquito screen is not only easy to install and disassemble but also more convenient to use. Just gently pull the mosquito screen and watch as it automatically rewinds to the top. From open, sliding to bi-fold screen areas, the retractable window screen is suitable to use on all types of windows and doors.
JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong 香港優質鋁窗公司 - retractable screen

Side scrolling mosquito screen

The mechanism of the side-scrolling mosquito net is very simple. Similar to the retractable type, it can also be automatically retracted with a light pull. The difference between the side-scrolling screen and roll-up screen lies in the direction. The side-scrolling mosquito screen automatically rewinds to the left and right, as opposed to up and down. This form of retractable mosquito screen has high compatibility with most types of windows and sliding doors, making it another popular installation choice for homes and buildings.
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Motorised retractable mosquito screen

Newly introduced to the market, motorised retractable mosquito screens can control the operation of the mosquito nets through remote control or phone application. The major benefit of the motorised retractable screen is that it has no rail stumbling, which can avoid common household accidents. Some motorised retractable mosquito nets even have an intelligent “stop descent” function, which will automatically stop when they encounter obstacles when descending, allowing children or pets to move freely at home.

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