Suntech Hong Kong - JS WINDOW


Suntech has been a fabricator of modern pergolas, patios, canopies, roofs, winter gardens and awning systems since 1976. The architectural pergolas and roof systems produced are specially engineered structures with a motorized retractable roof and drainage system that provide an effective protection from the sun and rain in different types of outdoor areas.

Aerolux – The modern pergola

Aerolux by Suntech is an innovative, bioclimatic and modern outdoor patio solution with fully automatic tilting and retractable aluminium louvres. The louvres are made from a special aluminium alloy which guarantees extraordinary strength and durability. When closed and in flat position, they form a smooth ceiling and can drain accumulated rainwater to a discrete gutter. Integrated LED lights in the louvres allow sufficient light for you to relax outdoors even at night. Aerolux is a great modern choice that adds value to your outdoor living areas, and to maximise your experience.

Infinite Suntech Hong Kong application possibilities

The wide range of architectural retractable pergolas and patios are suitable for many types of weather condition to install Suntech Hong Kong, for a large range of residential or commercial applications. Whether it’s a retractable or custom-made roof pergola system to meet the needs of private deck or yard or a restaurant, bar or commercial project, Suntech Hong Kong have the solution to get you covered