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Home Window Advice – What’s Best For You?

Home Window Advice – What’s best for you?


Why are window used in homes?

Windows are an important feature of any home or building structure in Hong Kong as they provide stunning vistas of the city’s world-renowned skyline or lush, rural countryside. Many homeowners in Hong Kong pride themselves on having beautiful windows that give their apartments or houses a bright, welcoming, and stylish personality. Most homes in Hong Kong, especially in bustling districts, have numerous casement windows that swing outwards. While these windows are generally easy to maintain due to how common they are, many people remain blissfully unaware of the wide range of premium aluminium windows offered by JS Window.

With different designs and a proprietary window system that offers plenty of practical benefits, JS Window is spearheading a shake-up of windows in Hong Kong.

Choose wisely

Picking the right window for your home can be a long and arduous process as you must firstly make sure it can be installed in the space available and open and close properly. With many premium window systems that feature proprietary perks, JS Window is committed to providing people with dependable solutions for all needs of home improvement with our range of aluminium windows.

Home window advice is something we pride ourselves on. One of the most important factors to keep in mind when buying an aluminium window is what primary role you want it to serve, whether it be to endure gale-force winds or provide a sturdier security barrier that deters burglaries from occurring.

We also advise people to pick windows based on the direction of ventilation. For example, if most of the air your home comes from a window facing a highway, it is recommended that you purchase windows with a higher acoustic performance to cut down on the noise pollution while maintaining an adequate flow of fresh air into your home.

But why exactly should people choose JS Window when there are so many other options available? One of the key reasons can be attributed to our high-quality products and proven track record. Secondly, our bespoke window designs are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, ensuring it provides the perfect blend for any residential or  commercial buildings in Hong Kong. An added incentive to pick one of the chic and elegant windows we offer is the fact that it can withstand the extreme weather conditions that affect the city every year, such as typhoons and severe rainstorms, due to the use of premium materials and EPDM gaskets which ensures water always stays out of the home.

Finally, we have built an acclaimed reputation as one of the best aluminium window companies in Hong Kong over the eight years we have been in business. We have worked with a number of high-profile companies, including Swire Properties and Harbour City.

A variety of options

At JS Window, we have a grand selection of premium windows featuring our proprietary design that are an optimal fit for all types of apartments and homes. To get a better idea of which window is ideal for you, we have provided an in-depth look into the different products we have available.

Check here for more information of window variety.

The choice is yours

With a wide-ranging choice of premium windows that feature a proprietary system and design, JS Window caters to everyone’s tastes, needs, and requirements. It is essential that you keep our home window advice in mind when selecting the best window for your apartment or house. Don’t just focus on style, design, and the price tag. Instead, mull over which window will be most practical and offer the greatest benefits. JS Window provides the finest premium aluminium windows, so no matter what you desire, we are confident of not only fulfilling, but going above and beyond to satisfy your expectations.