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Home Journal – The Outdoor Fixture Featuring

Hot Picks: Summer outdoor fixture – sliding door / retractable pergola

JS Window on Home Journal 美好家居的門窗報道

JS carefully hand-pick a range of European products that perform the best in Hong Kong.
Cero slim frame sliding door by Solarlux and Aerolux retractable pergola by Suntech are two of the “Top Editor’s pick” of Home Journal for Summer outdoor fixture in 2020.

Cero offers every possibility required from architecturally demanding building from a constructive and creative point of view. The minimalist design, with a mere 34mm of profile width melts away the borders between interior and exterior. It widens the views and facilitate the area zoning of indoor and outdoor while not losing the overall unity.

Suntech with over 40 years in fabricating modern pergolas, patios, canopies, roofs, winter gardens. The modern pergola’s design is stylish, retractable aluminium louvres allow you to control the amount of sunlight or moonlight direct penetration, free for creating the living mood.

JS - Aluminium Windows in Hong Kong 香港優質鋁窗公司 - Solarlux and Aerolux

Our handpick European products are the top Editor’s picks